Day 1

We are getting serious about this. 07/03/2017. Down about well, I don’t know … Haven’t weighed myself in a while. But we were err this time last year.

I saw a vide that suggested eating high water content foods, fruits, potatoes.

I went grocery shopping and spent 40$ on 6lb apples, a couple bunches of bananas, 2 5kg watermelons and 30lb of potatoes.

I baked some last night, they turned out ok. 425F for 25m.

I saw someone else do 450 for 30m. I might try that as these guys weren’t very … Good?

They were ok, nothing special. Last night was a prep, to set things up for day 1.

Please stick with this. Please be accountable. Please universe give me a f*cking break for a bit to get established.