Day 1

We are getting serious about this. 07/03/2017. Down about well, I don’t know … Haven’t weighed myself in a while. But we were err this time last year.

I saw a vide that suggested eating high water content foods, fruits, potatoes.

I went grocery shopping and spent 40$ on 6lb apples, a couple bunches of bananas, 2 5kg watermelons and 30lb of potatoes.

I baked some last night, they turned out ok. 425F for 25m.

I saw someone else do 450 for 30m. I might try that as these guys weren’t very … Good?

They were ok, nothing special. Last night was a prep, to set things up for day 1.

Please stick with this. Please be accountable. Please universe give me a f*cking break for a bit to get established.


The beginning …

So many people talk about following your dreams. It is really inspiring. But what are my dreams? What makes me happy? What is happiness? Being comfortable, stable. Is that really living? Is that really what I want?

I’m not sure what the end goal is, yet. More travel. More simplicity.

The number one thing we cannot live without, unfortunately, is income, comfortably, reasonably.

Step 1, find a way to not be tied down to a single location, while still maintaining the same earning potential and work/life balance.

Step 2, downsize/minimize, sustainable, family.

Step 3, travel, be mobile, enjoy nature and find passion.