Hurdle #1 – Debt

Four letter word, NSFW, swear jar champion.

I need to come up with an approach to get rid of this. Let’s estimate here.

27,300 immediate debt

Then of course we have the usual, student loan, car loan, mortgage etc. For the time being, the mortgage is self sufficient, in being that we are renting out the property, so that’s a bit of a win, we’ll have to see come tax season.

Step 1. Burn the credit cards!
Step 2. Get a side hustle to pay them down?
Step should probably be 1. Get a budget and stick to it …

car loan – 207.60 / bi weekly / (207.60 * (52/2) / 12 per month = 449.80/m
cell phones – 70$ each (roughly) = 140/m
mortgage – 345.89 / bi weekly / (345.89 * (52/2) / 12 per month = 749.43/m
student loan – = 150.19/m
banking fees etc = 20/m
utilities apt = 100/m
internet etc = 100/m
insurance = 264.92/m
rent = 1400/m
groceries = x/m
gas = x/m

aside from gas and groceries, we could say 100/m up to 1k/m so … we have to work on that.

3,374.34 /m expenses, before gas and groceries

Assuming a combined income around 4500, that nets us at
625.66/m towards paying off debt.

27,300 / 625.66 = 43.63months = 3.64 years … fuck.

Step 1. Get another job.


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